Baked Goodies!

***Our available in store items change daily! Please call us to see if we have what you need in stock or to place an order! ***

Orders with specialty items have a small added fee depending on the items



Bread loafs are generally in stock, please call if you are looking for other bread items!

All our bread items are Gluten Free and Dairy Free, we also bake Vegan and Organic breads upon request!


Naked Oat Bread - Small Loaf  $8

2lb Loaf


 Naked Oat Bread - Family Size $12

3lb Loaf


 Sprouted Whole Grain Oat Bread  $9

2lb Loaf


Sprouted Whole Grain Oat Bread - Family Size  $13

3lb Loaf


Vegan Naked Oat Bread - Small Loaf  $9

2lb Loaf Made with Coconut Oil


Dinner Rolls  $5

6 per Package


Slider Buns  $5

6 per Package


Hamburger Buns  $6

6 per Package


Hoagie Style Buns  $7

6 per Package



Specialty Breads


In stock seasonally, please call if you want something specific!


Roasted Garlic Bread  $10

With Italian Seasoning


Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chunk  $7

Dairy Free


 Banana Bread  $7

Dairy Free


Zucchini Bread  $7

Dairy Free


Apple Spice Walnut Bread  $7

Contains Nuts


Cinnamon Raisin Oat Bread  $7


Muffins  $3

***Available By Request Only***

Assorted Varieties




For your sweet tooth! As with everything we bake, all items are Gluten Free!


Cinnamon Rolls  $3

4-Pack for $10, 6-Pack for $12!

Frosting $3 per container


Brownies  $3

12-Pack for $30!

Chocolate Chunk, Plain, Reese Peanut Butter Chip,

Walnut, or a Combo


Peanut Butter Bar  $2

With chocolate chips!


Cookies (Pack of 2)  $1

Assorted Varieties


Biscotti  $2.50

Almond Flavor with White, Milk, or Dark Chocolate

(Specialty flavors made upon request with extra charge)


Angel Food Cake Loaf  $10

Full size cake for $20


German Chocolate Cake  $30

With Decorations $35

Cupcakes and Small Cakes Available


Chocolate or Vanilla Cake  $25

9" cake. With Decorations $30

Cupcakes and Small Cakes Available


Carrot Cake  $35

With Decorations $40

Cupcakes and Small Cakes Available


Cheese Cake Large (Feeds 11-14)  $40

With Topping $50

Medium (Feeds 7-10) $22, Small (Feeds 4-6) $15


Basic Fruit Pie  $15


Crisp Style Pie  $18


Holiday Pie  $20


Cream Pie  $20


Pie Crust - Pastry Single  $3

Pastry Double $4


Pizza Crust  $3

5" for $3, 10" for $4, 12" for $6, 14" Available on Request for $8




Dry Goods


Use these at home to add to your dishes! All items are Gluten Free and Dairy Free!


Dry Mixes  $6


Croutons/Stuffing Mix  $7

Plain or Roasted Garlic


Bread Crumbs  $6

Plain or Roasted Garlic