Vegan Menu

***Vegan items made upon request! Please call to place an order! ***
Orders with specialty items have a small added fee depending on the items

Vegan Breads


All our bread items are Gluten Free and Dairy Free


Vegan Naked Oat Bread - Small Loaf  $9

2lb Loaf


Dinner Rolls  $5

6 per Package


Slider Buns  $5

6 per Package


Hamburger Buns  $6

6 per Package


Hoagie Style Buns  $7

6 per Package


Other Vegan Goodies


Apple Spice Walnut Bread  $7

Contains Nuts


Brownies  $3

12-Pack for $30!

Biscotti  $2.50

Almond Flavor with White, Milk, or Dark Chocolate

(Specialty flavors made upon request with extra charge)

Chocolate Cake  $25

With Decorations $30

Croutons/Stuffing Mix  $7


Bread Crumbs  $6